The Vikings are coming to Military and Flying Machines 2017

Living History team / Show News

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 08:04

The Vikings are coming !

TThe Vikings are often seen as a combative force who raped and pillaged their way across Europe, but the truth could not be further from this image … their longboats are an intricate work of craftsmanship and they are also responsible for beautiful and delicate jewellery, so why not see if we change your assumptions about the Vikings by visiting them at Military and Flying Machines 2017?

Making their first and very welcome appearance are Arnvid Husstand – who are a Viking and Norman group based in Medway, Kent. Arnvid Husstand are part of The Vikings who are the Oldest and Largest dark age re-enactment society in England.

Arnvid Husstand’s members span the entire age range from children aged 5 upwards to adults, the group was formed 3 years ago, although they have members that have been in The Vikings re-enactment society much longer than that. This is a great opportunity to experience life in the dark ages via their Living History display, - imagine experiencing the sights, smells and even seeing some of the foods that were available from that time, as well as experiencing their authentic cooking from the time period, see how the Vikings lived and battled.

This is your chance to talk to the reenactors and learn more about life as a Viking, as well as posing with them for photos, they also offer the chance to try on helmets, Chain Armour, hold Shields and weapons as well as understanding more about these artefacts - it's a great chance for you to appear in a photo looking like a Viking or Norman Warrior!

Why not unleash the inner Viking in you?